IGG VOYAGER: Compulsory Challenge 2 GUIDING B

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GUIDING: B. Take part in activities which give you a better understanding of the Promise


Per Patrol
 1 set of Promise cards
 1 set of situation cards


Guides will have an opportunity to think about, and have a better
understanding of, the Guide Promise.

You will need on set of cards for each Patrol:
1. Three parts of the Guide Promise
 To do my duty to my God/my faith and my country
 To help other people at all times
 To obey the Guide Law
2. Situations that Guides could find themselves in.
Give set of cards to each Patrol.
Ask the Guides in Patrols to discuss and decide which of the three
parts of the Promise they could keep in each situation and put that
card beside the appropriate part.
You could then ask them to come up with another situation for each
part of the Promise.

Discuss with Guides reasons for choices made.


  • IGG
  • promise
  • relay race
  • running game

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