IGG VOYAGER: Compulsory Challenge 4 TEAMWORK

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With other Guides make a diagram showing how you are all the same but different - this activity will help your Guides to find out what they have in
common with each other


 Large sheet of paper
 Markers


Guides should work together to come up with a way to display things
that they have in common and things that are unique to them. One
example of how to do this would be the following:
1. Divide Guides into groups of three (will also work in a pair if
2. Using a sheet of paper and markers, draw 3 overlapping circles.
3. Each Guide should write her name at the top of one of the
4. After discussing amongst themselves, Guides should fill in 3
things in their own section of the circle that they don’t have in
common with either of the other Guides for example, family,
hobbies, interests.
5. Guides then find out and fill in things that they have in common
with one of the other Guides in their group and fill in the
appropriate section that connects them.
6. Finally, Guides find out things they all have in common and fill
in the centre section.
7. Guides can then colour and decorate their diagram and present
it to the rest of the unit.

Guides can now clearly see how they have similar and different


  • Different Interests
  • Identity
  • IGG
  • self-esteem
  • venn diagram

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