IGG VOYAGER: Compulsory Challenge 6 LIFESKILLS

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Learn how food, rest, cleanliness and fresh air affect our health


 Copy of Questionnaire for each Guide
 Paper and pencil per Guide


Changing our lifestyle or planning a new health programme for
ourselves is not always easy. It starts with good intentions and lots of
enthusiasm but this is often difficult to sustain over a period of time
as the novelty wears off. This activity should help the Guides to look
at their current lifestyle and plan for change. They should remember
to keep the plans realistic and achievable - gradually build up to the
desired changes.
 Give each Guide a copy of the questionnaire and ask them to
complete it. Allow 10 minutes
 Stress that this is not a test. Becoming aware that they are not
leading a healthy lifestyle may be an achievement in itself for some
 When each Guide has finished, find them a partner and ask them
to discuss their questionnaires in pairs
 In pairs, discuss the short, medium and long term objectives in the
health plan
 Each Guide promises to keep in touch with their partner over the
coming weeks and months to see how each of them is getting on
The Leader should plan a programme in a month’s time to allow the
Guides review their health programme and make changes if
necessary. If the Leader feels that the new health programme is
working, she could repeat the activity in another month’s time.

 Were you surprised at the number of unhealthy foods you eat?
 Are the activities you have decided on manageable?
 Can you fit them into your leisure time?
 What motivating factors will make you stick to your plan?
 What are the main blocks to achieving your plan?


  • cleanliness
  • fresh air
  • Healthy Eating
  • IGG
  • rest

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