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The Guides will learn about Fair Trade and try some Fair Trade products


2 plates
“Chocolate A” and “Chocolate B” cards
Copies of score cards
Fair Trade chocolate and non-fair trade chocolate

Safety note: please check in advance if any of your Guides has an allergy


Explain to the Guides what Fair Trade is: When people or
companies buy and sell goods we call it Trade. Trade is good
for the buyer. People buying things try to get the lowest price
they can. Trade is also good for the seller. People selling
things try to get the highest price they can. If someone loses
out, trade becomes unfair. When trade tries to be good for
everyone, we call it Fair Trade
 Carry out a chocolate taste test with the Guides to taste the
difference between Fair Trade chocolate and non-Fair Trade
 Give each Guide an individual score card
 Split the group into 2 where half will taste Chocolate A
and half will taste Chocolate B
 Ask them to give it a score out of 10
 Swap the teams around so they can taste the other
chocolate and give it a score
 Collect the cards and add up all the scores
 You can do this activity without the score cards and
ask them what chocolate they preferred by putting
their hands up

Is trade always fair? Sometimes one person or company gets a much
better deal than the other. Why do you think this happens? Discuss
what other Fair Trade products are on the market.


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