Battle of the North Atlantic

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Wide Game


Laminated cards for cargo


Split into two teams. The two teams are cargo ships crossing the Atlantic, and German submarines. The game can be either a running around game ora stealth game.
Three Leaders required - one is America, one is Britain and the third is Germany. America has a supply of cargo tokens (cards labelled 'cargo' - which can be varied, with normal, valuable and cheap). The cargo ships have to get the cargo - each ship can only carry one cargo at a time - from America to Britain. The German submarines are not allowed within 20 paces of either America or Britain, and have to intercept the cargo ships and take the cargo. When a submarine catches a ship (touching is sufficient) the ship *has* to stop, but the submarine cannot take the cargo until he calls up two other submarines. When there are three submarines the ship has to hand over the cargo. The ship can now return to America to take another cargo. One of the submarines has to take the cargo to Germany, taking him out of the hunt, briefly. The submarine can only carry one cargo at a time. Count the value of the cargo that get through, then change the teams over and count how many the others can get through. It doesn't take long to realise that, while a Wolf Pack is forming to take the cargo off one ship, the number of hunters is reduced and another ship can slip through. And it doesn't take much longer for the idea of a convoy to form, where the first ships sacrifice themselves to draw off the submarines from the others. And finally some of the ships will twig that they can dummy, and draw off submarines when they are only pretending to carry cargo.
With thanks to 4th Eastcote Scouts.



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