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Our Skills Carousel

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Setting up a carousel of four activities to complete skills for the Our Skills Challenge


Ironing boards & irons, selection of light fittings and bulbs, vegetables and peelers, cutlery and crockery. HANDWIPES


This takes a lot of setting up and supervision, and is then very easy to actually run. The question is whether anyone wants the peeled vegetables afterwards...!

Station 1: Ironing
We need 3 irons and ironing boards
Needs constant supervision as the Cubs iron their own necker with assistance from another Cub (careful of fingers!), folding over bit by bit

Station 2: Lightbulbs
We need 3 light fittings and bulbs of varying fittings (bayonet/screw)
We will need a trestle table

Station 3: Laying a table
We need a trestle table, crockery and cutlery for six

Station 4: Peeling vegetables
We need a trestle table, 6-7 peelers, potatoes and vegetables,
One person supervising Stations 3 & 4

The fifth Six will be having a few minutes ‘out’ when they need to talk to a leader (who can also be keeping an eye on Station 2) about fire safety following on from last week, especially safely extinguishing fires, as we didn’t cover this.


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