Team game

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Hungry Hippos for humans


4 boards with 4 castors each on bottom, with ropes attached, small balls similar to ball pit balls, 8 buckets (2 per team)


Divide into 4 teams- 1 board, 2 buckets per team, balls carefully put in center of area. team members take turns on the board to be pushed out (holding the bucket in the front) where they try to collect as many balls as possible before team mates pull them back in using the rope attached to the board.Balls collected are put into the spare bucket and the next team member is sent out in similar style. Continue until all balls are collected. Count up the balls and see which team wins. We find the first time we play the game is good for a laugh after that it gets very competitive. Great for team building, leadership skills, communication etc and plain old fashioned fun. Great at leader training sessions as well. If playing it with Keas (Beavers or Joeys) or Cubs you need to have carpet or rubber matting attached to the top of the boards as the youth slip off really easily.



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