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Discover what Brownies were originally called and when they began (How Brownies got their name. Action Game)


Story: How the Brownies got their name - in attached file


Aim of Badge : To practice traditional Guiding skills

This Badge has 17 options of which 4 must be completed.
For every additional 4 options you complete, you achieve another badgeInstructions

Split your girls into groups, and assign each group one of the following roles. Each time they hear their character's name called in the story, they need to do the accompanying action:

BROWNIES: jump up and say "Hooray!"
GIRL GUIDES: march in place and say "Guides rock!"
ROSEBUDS: crouch down, jump up and say "What about us?"
LORD BADEN POWELL: salute and say "He's our founder!"

Alternatively, all Brownies do the above actions.

http://dragon.sleepdeprived.ca/games/guiding games/guiding games.htm

or OPTION 2 (takes 15 minutes - no material needed)

Learn about the history of Brownies by playing the Rosebud Game


Rosebud Game
(to the tune of "Keel Row")

We started out as Rosebuds, Rosebuds, Rosebuds
We started out as Rosebuds
But didn’t like the name!

We asked if we could change it, change it, change it,
We asked if we could change it
So Agnes tried again.

Then B-P thought of Fairy Folk, Fairy folk, Fairy Folk,
Then B-P thought of Fairy Folk,
A helping Brownie Hand.

So now you see we’re Brownies, we’re Brownies, we’re Brownies
So now you see we’re Brownies
Ready to Lend a Hand.

Verse 1 = kneeling on one knee with other foot on floor and knee bent, form a bud shape with hands above head.
Sway slightly with the tune – on last line stand up.
Verse 2: holding hands in large circle, skip a few steps into centre of circle, then skip back out. Repeat. On last line,
turn and face a partner in the circle.
Verse 3: hook right elbow with partner, and skip step in small circle. On last line, move back to large circle and hold
Verse 4: Large circle skips around as in Brownie Ring. On last line, give LAH signal.

Where did Brownies begin? (England)
Who is B-P mentioned in song? (Lord Baden-Powell – founder of Scouts and Guides)
Who was Agnes, who tried again? (This was Lord Baden-Powell's sister, who was asked to help because B-P knew nothing about
girls – he was a bachelor at that time and had served many years in the British Army.)
How would the girls have liked being called Rosebuds? Are they glad the name was changed?

http://dragon.sleepdeprived.ca/games/guiding games/guiding games.htm


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