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Listen to the story of the Toadstool (story)


Story of the Toadstool in attached file


Aim of Badge To practice traditional Guiding skills

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Have you ever wondered why we have a Toadstool in the centre of our Brownie Ring? Do you know why it is there? Yes, of course, it’s because the real Brownies have one in the centre of their Fairy Rings. But why do they have one? Why do they have a toadstool when they are poisonous- why don’t they have a Mushroom? Will, I’ll tell you-

Read the Story of the Toadstool overleaf

Share your Brownie Magic in a Friendship Circle

In a friendship circle, cross right hand over left and hold hands with the people next to you.

A friendship squeeze is begun by one person squeezing the hand of the person next to her. When you feel your hand squeezed, you do the same to the person next to you. Everyone is silent as the magic friendship squeeze is passed. It stands for friendship with Brownies everywhere.

Variation: Girls may want to make a wish as part of the friendship squeeze.

Variation: Leave your circle open between two people. This signifies that Guiding is never a closed circle, we always welcome new friends into our unit.

Story: Evelyn Hayes


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