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Listen to the story of Boggarty (story)


In attached file:
- Story of Boggarty
- Boggart sheet



Aim of Badge To practice traditional Guiding skills
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From The Brownies and other stories by Juliana Ewing 1871

"But what must I say of the Boggarts? Those idle urchins who eat the bread and milk, and don't do the work, who lie in bed without an ache or pain to excuse them, who untidy instead of tidying, cause work instead of doing it, and leave little cares to heap on big cares, till the old people who support them are worn out altogether."

Read the Story of Boggarty, (attached file)

How are Brownies and Boggarts different? We all have a boggart or a bad habit inside us. Pick your boggart from the sheet overleaf or draw him if he’s not there and see if you can conquer him

Evelyn Hayes, storyhttp://www.digital.library.upenn.edu/women/ewing/brownies/brownies.html>


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