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Discover what the Brownie health rules were (exercise and song)


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Aim of Badge To practice traditional Guiding skills
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The health rules were:
Only feed on wholesome fare;
Through your nostrils breathe fresh air;
Clean yourself inside and out;
Twist and bend and run about.

It could be sung to the Brownie tune.

This can be found in the Brownie Handbook which was first published in 1920, which gives the rhyme and also goes into a lot more detail over health matters,including the importance of "a daily clear out" and making a toothbrush from a stick if you can't afford to buy one!

In other words - eat healthy food not snacks, breathe through your nose rather than your mouth to reduce the number of germs you breathe in, make sure that you breathe fresh outdoor air (either from being outdoors or through opened windows) rather than stale indoor air, wash yourself, your clothes, and use the toilet regularly, and take plenty energetic exercise, preferably outdoors. It's basically the same advice that modern doctors would give for children - and adults!

Sing the Rules of Health song as outlined above.
As a pack perform the exercises from the 1926 Brownie handbook as outlined in attached file

How do these exercises differ to the ones you do at school/sports clubs etc.? Why?
How do you think the lives of Brownies in 1926 differed from your own lives?

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