IGG INTEREST BADGE Brownie Healthy Friendship Option 03

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Discuss how we can show good teamwork, show examples of sharing, taking turns and compromise (Stickers Partners)


OPTION A: Stickers of 3 or 4 different colours and designs

OPTION B: No materials needed


Find your Group Sticker Game – an activity which aims to help Brownies to understand the value of helping others and being helped when we cannot achieve something alone and also to understand that each of us can belong to many different groups within our community.

Ensure that you have at least 3 – 4 different colours / designs of stickers.

Arrange the Pack in a circle, and stick one sticker on each Brownie’s back (alternatively you can ask them to close their eyes and stick them on
foreheads for even more fun!)

Telling the Brownies that they may not make any sounds, ask them to help each other to group together according to the colour / design of the sticker they are wearing, i.e. if one Brownie sees two Brownies wearing the same sticker, she can help by bringing the two together.

Expand this game by sticking more than one sticker (e.g. one ‘colour’ and one ‘design’, making sure to vary the combinations) on each Brownie’s back. You can then ask the Pack to group together according to colour the first time, and then to regroup according to ‘design’ the second time. For a third round, you could ask the Pack to regroup again according to combination of ‘colour ‘and ‘design’, which may be tricky for some!

Develop the game by re-forming into a Brownie ring and asking the Brownies what groups they belong to in the community, e.g. school, housing estate, Brownies, sports, dancing, drama etc., and what each group means to them.

Irish Girl Guides Health Promotion Pack for Brownies


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