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Discuss ways of including everybody in Brownies and how we can ensure no one is left out ( Non verbal communication)




Four Corners: Non-verbal communication activity to show the girls what it feels like to be uncertain if they will be included in or excluded from a group and to show how powerless people can be in this situation, that they have no control over some of the factors that led to them being included or excluded and to show some of the girls what it feels like to be included

Choose four older girls to act as team leaders.
Each of these 4 team leaders is given a characteristic that will allow someone to join their team. (This is done in private). A quite obvious physical characteristic should be used e.g. glasses, jeans, type of shoes, colour of hair, etc.

Each team leader goes to a corner.

The remaining girls walk around the outside of the room in silence, and pass each of the team leaders extending their hand to each leader in anticipation of a handshake.

The team leader shakes her hand if a girl can join her group. Usually a few girls will not get chosen.

The adult Leader lets these girls pass all 4 team leaders at least one more time. She then calls an end to the game.

The Leader asks members of each team if they can figure out why they were accepted to that team. (The team has not been told that it is a physical characteristic).

A few rounds can be played if the girls are enjoying it.

· the team leaders how they felt about having to accept or reject girls
· how the girls felt about being accepted
· how those not chosen felt about not being chosen
· was it fair?
· what could have been done differently

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