Wink Murder

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Group Indoor Game




1. Beavers/Cubs/Scouts stand in a circle facing inwards.
2. Use cones to keep 2m apart
2. One Beaver/Cub or Scout is nominated as the detective and is taken away from the group
3. Another Beaver/Cub or Scout chosen to be the is the murderer.
4. The detective comes back to the circle and has 3 guesses to catch the murderer.
5. The murderer 'kills' other Beavers/Cubs/Scouts by winking at them when they think the detective is not looking.
6. The "killed" Beavers/Cubs/Scout die loudly falling to the floor.
7. Repeat until all Beavers/Cubs/Scouts have had a turn at being murderer or detective


  • circle
  • game
  • quiet

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