IGG INTEREST BADGE Brownie Healthy Body Option 03

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Demonstrate how to wash your hands correctly and know when you should wash your hands (The Germ Chase)


red, green and blue labels
red, green and blue sticky dots (the same colour labels as dots)


Aim of Badge
To understand how to keep your body healthy

This Badge has 5 options of which 5 must be completed

This activity will teach your Brownies how the spread of disease and infection can be stopped

Germ Free
Choose 3 Brownies to be germs.

Identify them with different coloured stickers e.g. measles = red label; whooping cough=blue label; polio= green label

Brownies in their Sixes

Give the Sixers a selection of dots and tell them to "immunise" the Brownies against two of the three diseas. The Sixers give out 2 different coloured sticky dots to each Brownie. The dots are to be kept in the closed palm of a hand.

The germs chase the Brownies.

When a germ catches a Brownie, the Brownie shows her hand. If she has the right colour she is free. If she does not have the right colour she is "dead" e.g. if a measles germ (red label) catches a Brownies who is immunised against measles i..e. she has a red sticky dot, she is free to go. If she has no immunisation then she dies!


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