Visit to Gliding club (airfield)

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Beaver scout trip to Gliding club and opportunity to go in flight simulator.
Fulfils some requirements of Air activities stage 1 and all of Stage 2
Stage 1:
Find out about one kind of aircraft and tell others in your section about it, Talk to somebody who has flown in an aircraft

Stage 2:
Know the dangers involved in visiting an airfield, Visit an airfield, air display or air museum, and 3 of list: 1. Name and identify the main parts of an aeroplane.
2. Name and identify different types of aircraft (such as powered aeroplanes, airships or gliders), 3. Meet someone who flies regularly and talk to them about their experiences.
4. Explain how different weather conditions can affect air activities.


None. I leader in charge and 3 adults. gliding club to run.




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