Scouts Game

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A variation on the Kims memory game, this time using Scouts


Scouts either in or out of uniform and a room for the scout doing the recall or a large tarp to cover the scouts (tarp makes it more like Kims Game)


Scouts are to lay on the floor one of the Scouts has 5 min to memorize who is on the floor and what they are wearing. After 5 min the Scouts are covered and one of them removes a necker, or a shoe or hides in another room or swaps shoes their endless alternatives. Once the change has been made remove the tarp or bring the scout back in and they have to spot difference and that scout that has changed something or even name who is missing.

As with Kims Game its good for memory recall etc but also is a good way of getting new Scouts to remember who is who.


  • getting to know the Troop
  • Ice breaker
  • Memory
  • memory game

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