Off the table

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Simple game with minimal equipment - can be run across a number of weeks


Table-tennis ball (have several so that play can resume more quickly when ball lost)
Something to mark the line with (tape/chalk/rope)
Pen and paper for scorekeeping


Mark a line across the hall at about the three-quarters point length-wise. (See attachments)
Place a table in the middle of the smaller space thus created.
The troop spreads out in the remaining three-quarters of the hall
Designate a leader with pen/paper/clipboard to keep a tally.
Call for volunteers among the Scouts to be first player.
The selected player stands behind the table and is given a table tennis ball.
They must bounce the ball 'off the table' in such a way that it then lands/bounces in the main playing area (across the line).
If a Scout in the fielding section makes a clean catch of the ball, they then replace the player at the table and no point is recorded.
If no-one catches the ball, the player at the table scores a point and this is recorded on the tally sheet.
If the player whose turn it is makes two false throws (i.e. fails to bounce off the table/across the line) they return to the field and another Scout takes their place.
The score for this game can be kept cumulatively between different meetings (just keep one tally sheet).



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