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11. Use your Brownie Guide Smile (Beaming Brownie Guide)


A set of features per Six all cut out of card and laminated if possible
 Pair if Ears
 Two eyes
 A nose
 Mouth
 A4 card with blank face
 Blue Tac


To show how important it is to use your Brownie Guide Smile at all times

Beaming Brownie Guide
Each Six is given a set of features – a pair of ears, two eyes, a nose and a mouth (with a big smile) –with a piece of Blue-tac on the back.
The Sixes line up at one end of the room. Pinned to the wall opposite each six is a A4 size card with a large circle on it. These are ‘faces’ The Brownie at the back of each line is blindfolded.

On the word ‘go’ the girl at the front of each line runs up to her Six’s face and sticks on one of the features (apart from the mouth). She than runs back to her Six and the next Brownie runs up with another feature. The game continues in the same way until only the mouth is missing. The blindfolded Brownie in each Six must then be guided verbally to the face by her team where she endeavours to stick on the mouth.

The first Six to complete its face gets a point and the team whose mouth is nearest to where it should be gets and extra point.

Debrief/Discussion Ask the Brownies to come to ‘Pow-Wow ( Using the Pow Wow call) and then discuss what is special about a ‘Brownie Smile’


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