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IGG DETECT: Becoming a Brownie Guide 01

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1. As a Brownie Guide you are part of a group called a Six. Find out the name of your Six, who your Sixer is and know your Six song (Learn the name of your Six Friend )


Copies of Six sheets per Brownie. Four Sets



Allocate your new Brownie (in consultation with the other Leaders in the Unit) a Six. Explaining at Brownies you are part of a group of girls called a “Six” who will be your special friends. You will do lots of things together. The leader of your Six is called a “Sixer” and she is helped by her “Seconder” – one of their jobs is to look after you, so if you have any questions you could ask them.

Give each Brownie in the Unit a copy of their Six sheet (See attached file) Ask all the Brownies in the Six to sign their names. Each Sixer’s responsibility will be to help the new Brownie (Tweenie) learn to sing their Six song. The Brownies (Tweenies) will learn the song gradually, week by week, as they hear the rest of the Six singing the tune during Brownie Ring.


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