Using Matches and Gas Lighters

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A game based activity where teams race to light candles using both matches and gas lighters. Activity aims to allow the youths to: a) practice striking a match whilst controlling its burn; b) using flint wheel based gas lighters.


Each team requires:
1 x box matches
1 x flint wheel gas lighter
1 x candle (preferably tea light for stability)
1 x glass of water to receive spent matches


1. Divide youths in to even teams of 4 to 7 and start them at one end of the hall.
2. Set tables at opposite end, with one set of items in-line with each team.
3. Have each team member crab walk (If you say walk, they will end up running) across hall and a) light candle with match, place match in water; b) blow out candle and relight with lighter; c) blow out candle and crab walk back to team.

Perform race as a relay, first team to complete wins.

Suggest team members are ordered so that the less talented, less resolute individuals are in the middle of the pack,not the beginning or the end. This way, the last members of the loosing teams still tend to make a race of it rather than consider giving in.


  • Fire Awareness
  • Lighting Fires
  • Match
  • Matches

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