Mental Health Versus Mental Illness

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Simple intro to mental health and language. It is designed to encourage Scouts to share the language they have heard or know and discuss what is acceptable and what isn't (taken from Scouts' 'Get Involved' Magazine)


Flip chart paper
Post it Notes


1. Split troop into two and give each a piece of flipchart paper. On one write 'Mental Health' and on the other 'Mental Illness'. This activity is most effective when neither team knows which word the other has.
2. Give the two teams sticky notes and ask them to write the words, both positive and negative, that come to mind when they hear these terms. They should then stick the notes onto their flipchart sheet. Everyone should have a go and each scout should bear in mind the rules.
3. Once everyone has done this, go through the terms and discuss. Consider what terms are appropriate/inappropriate. Identify which terms are OK to use during the session. If the teams are reluctant, the leader in charge can add terms to encourage even if these are negative as there will be a debrief.


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