IGG DETECT: Now you’re a Brownie Guide 12 GLOBAL AWARENESS

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Know 8 things that we share with Brownie Guides around the world (Collage)


 A3 size card
 Colouring material
 Glue or two sided tape
 Scissors
 Copy of pages 2 to 6 for each group of four to six Brownies


To show the Brownies how they are connected to Brownies all around the World.

Give the Brownies the selection of pictures overleaf. Group to make a collage, of what we share using the pictures and words supplied. Leader working with this group will discuss with the Brownies things we have in common with Brownies around the world while completing the activity.

Debrief/Discussion Have the group present their collage to the Pack during Pow –Wow


  • Brownie World Guiding
  • brownies around the world
  • IGG
  • links of Unity
  • North West Regional Conference 2016
  • Northwest Regional Conference 2016
  • Things we have in common
  • World, common links, international

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