Backwoods cooking

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Lighting fires & Cooking twists


Matches, Fire wood, Green twig sticks (hazel is best) bucket of water, First aid kit, Twist mixture (pre made), Cotton Wool or any other tinder. Fire Steels


ETHER: Get the cubs to collect together all the materials needed for building a small fire (if you are in a managed woodland or have a woodpile) then split them into sixes and show them how to lay a fire and let them have a go.
OR: have a fire lit before the activty that the Cubs can use.

While this is happending, light the BBQs in the campfire circle and let them have ago at cooking somethign simple such as an egg on a stick, chocolate bananas, twists or sausages.

Make sure to have enough tinder and wood. If none is available then you can always use disposabel BBQs or similar.


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