Let me in the circle

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Taken from the Girls Learning to Lead training pack
A game to help think about inclusion




Everyone apart from two people hold hands to make a large circle, with their backs to the middle. The two outside must get into the circle. Everyone else must try and stop them from getting in. Swap players around so several have a go at trying to get into the circle.
Discussion points
●● What does it feel like to be an outsider who can’t get in?
●● What does it feel like to be with the ‘in crowd’?
●● What does it feel like to not let someone in the circle when they want to come in?
●● Is it sometimes hard for someone to be included in the activities of your Patrol?
What might stop someone being included? How can you help them feel part of the group?


  • Skills and relationships
  • team building, team work,
  • team Leader
  • Team Player

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