Tail slap & Chomping closing ceremony

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A version of a closing ceremony for use with Beaver Scouts



- Call the Colony to "Build a Dam" (form a circle around a leader/ helper)
- Give out any reminders.
- Present badges.
- On a signal from the leader, (arms raised and then lowered to the leader's side slowly), the Beaver get into the chomping position (crouch down, holding their index and middle fingers bent together and near their mouths, symbolising a Beavers Teeth)
- Leader calls, “3, 2, 1 what have we done?”
- Beavers answer, "We are Beavers and we've had fun!”
- All shout, "Beavers”
- On a second signal, the Beavers jump up, clapping their hands behind them, symbolising the Beaver slapping the water with their tail.
- All beavers face the flag and a beaver lowers the flag.


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