How do germs spread?

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A game to show Beavers how easily germs can be spread from person to person. The game can be used in the context of being clean in the kitchen as part of the Cook Activity Badge.


Handcream, different coloured glitter. Facilities to wash hands afterwards!!

edit by LizM: rather than using glitter (which goes through sewage works and ends up in the sea as microplastic) use edible glitter which is biodegradable, or use food colouring to colour semolina. Great idea though, thank you :)


Get each Beaver to rub handcream into their hands. It shouldn't absorb fully - you need their hands to be slightly tacky. Sprinkle a little glitter on each child's hand, just using one colour for each child but having a selection of different colours across the group.

Ask them to shake hands with each other and observe how the glitter is transferred. This is how germs are spread.

As an extra, you can save a different colour for yourself. Shake hands with only one Beaver, then get that Beaver to shake hands with others. This shows how germs can be spread from one person to many other people, even without direct contact.


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