Me Too!

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An ice-breaker circle game. Good for getting to know new Beavers.
Recognise and appreciate differences in others, and identify ways to treat people with respect
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Beavers sit in a circle. One Beaver stands up and says something about themself, eg favourite colour, what pet they have, if they are left-handed, etc. If it is true for anyone else in the circle, they stand up and shout, "Me Too". The first Beaver picks one of them to be the next to say something. If no-one jumps up, the first Beaver gives another statement and the game continues.

When everyone has said something which all in the group share, or when you think the game has gone on long enough, the Leader stops it to go through the questions below.
• What was the easiest - finding something unique or something you share with others?
• What do you generally like best - feeling unique or sharing things with others?
• What you thought was unique; did you share it with others after all?
• Are there things common to all Brownies and Guides?
• Can any of these things make others feel left out?
• Can you find anything that is common to all people? In your town? In your country?


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