Rice Banks

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An activity to show Young People how important rice is as a staple diet to many countries.


Chopsticks (or pencils)


-Divide the group into patrols.
-Give each team a name of a rice producing country (e.g. Thailand, Philippines, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, China).
-Allocate each team an area as their territory and give them a container to use as their rice bank. Place all the rice grains in the centre of the activity area.
-The object of the game is for each team to collect as many grains of rice as they and get them back to their country rice bank.
-Team members should defend their rice bank, as teams from other countries may try to collect rice from other teams' rice banks.
-Team members are allowed to carry only one grain of rice in any one journey and they must only chopsticks.
-If any grains are dropped they must be retrieved using chopsticks.
-When the time is up each country's rice grains are counted.
-The winning team is the one with most rice grains


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