Money money money-Wide Game

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Scouts have to find leaders who may/may not hold cards with amounts of money, adults may have cards that double scouts' money or cause them to lose it all. Scouts can bank money in bank to safeguard before looking for more. At end of game only banked money counts. Thanks to Brendan who taught us this game.


instruction sheet, Score sheet for each team, balance sheet for bank with space to record each teams deposits, pens for leaders, cards with money amounts: £5, £10, £25, £50, £75, £100, Double, Lose all, Cancel (this cancels last item gained or lost) large playing area, we use local scout campsite.


Divide scouts into teams min 3 max 5, give each instruction sheet and a score sheet, give leaders a pen each and 4*cards (i stapled them back to back in pairs of different cards eg £5, Lose; £100, Double. so a team could pick one of 4 cards at each leader.) Send leaders out with start time and finish time agreed and boundaries. Explain game to Scouts, explain boundaries and location of bank, which will also be first aid base. See attached sheets for full instructions and score sheets


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  • fun
  • team game
  • teamwork
  • wide game

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