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Study the map of our orienteering venue, in this case, Ogden Water in Bradford. Look at the symbols and discuss how they might help us. Play storytelling game involving the Scouts.


Maps of the area to studied and printouts of map symbols, eg. path types, walls, marshes, ponds.


Look at the map and discuss and highlight symbols that will help us find our way on an orienteering trip. Then sit the Scouts against a wall in a line. Place printed out symbols in a semi-circle about three or four metres in front of them. Now tell a story about the venue shown on the map. Animals, people and incidents will all be fictitious as we will be making it up as we go along. Different leaders can take turns in picking up the story. Make it imaginative. When a Scout's name is mentioned in connection with a symbol, they have to jump up and go and stand behind the symbol they think it is. So if the story said that Peter climbed over a style in the fence, Peter has to get up and stand behind the right symbol; they then go and sit down again. As the story continues, all the Scouts are worked into the story and have to identify symbols. You will find the other Scouts will be quite vocal in offering their opinions to the Scout who is having their turn. Though this is fun and helps them appreciate what symbols are for, I remind them that they don't have to be able to know them by heart as the map describes what the symbols mean, it is just useful to see how they can help us find our way around when we are are out and about with a map.


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