Edible Raft

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Inspire your section to understand the basics of raft-making through this tasty task
(copied from scout magazine sept 2015)

1 Take four breadsticks and make a square with them, resting two on top of the others. Make sure there is enough overlap at the ends so they can be tied together.
2. Use Strawberry Laces to lash the ends of the breadsticks.
3 Fill the washing up bowl with water and get the Cubs to come up with their individual rafts. Invite them to talk about the techniques they used to lash the ends together.
Ask them whether they think the raft will float and if it will stay together.
4 Take a mini Milky Way bar or a similar treat and place it on top of the raft in the water in the washing up bowl. If the Milky Way stays on the raft and the raft stays afloat then the
Cubs can eat them.
If not they can be dried off and placed back for the group to make another attempt at building a raft.

The raft-makers will understand a little about the complexity of tying two sticks together and the concept of lashing. Please note: If the ‘raft’ has been touched by a few people,
you may want to give your troop ‘spares’.


Strawberry laces
Washing up bowls
mini milky way bars of similar
maybe a small paddling pool


see attached


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