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Guided walk around your community.


Young leaders 1 per patrol. Pen and question sheet 1 per patrol. adults at check points. torches.


1 set up a route for your time frame.

2 pre walk your route and get together some details to make a quiz. ( open hour of doctors. location of police office. buses phone box numbers ect). get about 20 questions. and set up a start point on your map for each patrol. each patrol should come across the check point adult and end back with the adult helper they started with

3 give every patrol a map and question sheet and 1 young leader to accompany. Each helper will take the patrol to their designated start points. when ready set each patrol off the helper will remain at the start point and and wait for their original patrol to return.

The patrol will have to walk the full route and return to there start point and complete all the questions on the list.

HINT we had a competition and did start time and finish time and the fastest patrol wins a box of chocs, this encourages them to be quick.
And also a prize for most correct answers on sheet.



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