Teamwork - tennis ball wave

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Taken from the September 2015 Scouting Magazine. Described as an ice-breaker game for Cubs and Scouts. Consider the 'Team Work' badge as they all have to work together to win.


Chair, Tennis Ball


Form the section into two lines faces each another, holding hands. At one end of the lines is a chair with a tennis ball on it. You stand at the other end of the lines. Get everyone in the section to close their eyes apart from the two nearest to you (I will probably go for rows standing back to back instead). Flip a coin. When it comes up heads, the first two players squeeze the hand of the person next to them. That person then squeezes the hand next to them and so on down the line. When the 'pulse' gets to the end of the line, the end player should grab the tennis ball. This scores them a point. Balls picked up incorrectly will lose a point. I will go for rotating players through the line so that everyone has a go at starting and finishing the line.


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