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Drop Explorers off 3 1/2 miles from Scout Hut and get them to hike back.


Map Cases per Team, Maps per team, Mobile Phones, Hi Vis Vests/Jackets, additional maps of drop off points for Leader use back at hut.


1. Prior to the activity, select drop off points roughly 3 1/2 miles from Scout Hut.
2. Split teams down to 3 or 4 Explorers, this is to ensure each team can fit into a standard Car.
3. To avoid arguments as to who goes into which car, perform a lottery for each car with each team drawing a car. (We had toy cars with driver names underneath them, they were then drawn out of a bag by each team)
4. Each driver will have the map for the team they are dropping off to use to get back, teams are not to know where they are being dropped off until they arrive. Driver then waits with the team, until the team has phoned the Leaders at the Hut, to confirm they have communication and are heading off before going back to the Hut
5. have additional map(s) of the drop off points back at the Hut, each team to phone in with a 6 figure grid reference for their whereabouts every 15 mins, mark map location with an X. This ensures each team is reading grid references correctly, if it doesn't look correct, Leaders should phone back and check they read their grid reference correct.


  • map reading
  • map work
  • navigation

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