Sports 'Show and Tell'

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Cubs make short presentation to the rest of the pack about their own sporting activity. They should be encouraged to bring in equipment, awards, certificates, photos etc.




Make sure that you tell the Cubs at least a week before the meeting to give them time to prepare.

Physical Recreation Activity Badge

To gain this badge, Cub Scouts must complete the following:

1. Show a good sporting attitude in all games and sports in which you take part.

2. Tell a leader about the sports you take part in. Find out as much as you can about the sports, especially the rules.

3. Show reasonable skill and take part regularly in at least one of your chosen sports.

4. Bring along the clothing and equipment for the sport selected above and show how to look after it.

5. Tell a leader what training and preparation you take part in for your chosen sport and how and when you practise.


  • Physical Recreation
  • preparation
  • presentation
  • sport
  • Sports enthusiast

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