Model Makers introduction

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This week - View the Airfix You Tube video on how to glue and paint the Starter Kit Spitfire Model. Discuss Video. We will complete the task over the coming three weeks. We are planning to allow 45 minutes each week but we will be flexible.


Projector, Laptop, Screen and Video Thereafter, a starter kit Spitfire for each Scout. The video provides all the planning information. Leader washed and dried the kit beforehand to save time.


Option 1

Build a model using a plastic or white metal kit or pre-cast figures.
Design and construct a model from a wood, plastic or metal construction set, such as Lego or Meccano.
Show that you know the different types of kits or parts available in the material you chose.
Talk about the experience of building the model with a knowledgeable adult.



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