Egg Walking

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Stand on Eggs relay game


Many eggs (larger eggs work better) - to suit size of feet....
Sheets or newspaper laid on the floor for mess Stanley knife or kitchen knife
Spare Socks!


Patrol to get all members to stand on eggs in turn
Eggs are in cartons with central spacers cut to be below the level of the eggs. Eggs should be all same way round – pointy ends or round ends up.
Patrols take weight of member standing on eggs to position then leave him/her and run to opposite end of hall and back to swap over.
Fastest Patrol wins
Eggs are an arch shape and are a perfect structure with internal strength derived from the forces pushing inwards towards one another. They will crack easily when you strike them against something, but as a structure unto themselves, the design is perfect. The rounded ends create an arch at either end. So if you place your body weight directly onto them, with the force spread evenly, the dozen eggs can take your weight and support it.
The curved design of the eggs spreads your weight evenly instead of concentrating it at one point. When you crack an egg, you are concentrating the force at one point and that's why it breaks.
This is why a big old hen can sit on an egg and not crack it!



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