Meijendel Safari

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Hike a trail through Meijendel and see what animals you can see.
(This can be adapted to any suitable location).


Base posters A-H with animal pictures on them.
Prepared for hike as per previous week's sheet


Cubs have done Hike Preparation sheet the previous week so should come reasonably prepared.
The Bases need to be set up in advance.
Each Six to be accompanied by an adult.
Two sixes to be set off, one in each direction, then a five minute gap, then set the second pair of sixes off.
Adults to keep an eye on progress - speed up or slow down as necessary. If seriously behind schedule abort and make most direct way back to Base Camp.
Discuss with Cubs as you go:
- Reading a map: locating yourself, point out features and route finding.
- Points of the compass (N, S, E & W).
- What equipment the Cubs are wearing/carrying.


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