Build an Edible raft

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Build an edible raft from scouting autumn 2015


Bread sticks, strawberry laces, washing up bowl or paddling pool mini milky way bars or similar treat size variety pack


take out 4 breadsticks and make a square with them resting 2 on top of each other, make sure that the ends overlap so that they can be lashed together. Use the strawberry laces to lash the ends of the breadsticks. Fill up the washing up bowl or paddling pool with water and invite the young person to come up with their raft and invite them to place the raft onto the water. Asked them about their techniques they used to lash them together. Ask them if they think that the raft will float and if it will stay together. Take mini choc and place this on the raft. if the choc bar stays on the raft and the raft stays afloat then the scout can have the choc. If not the choc is dried off and reused again. Challenge scouts to make a more complex raft with more sticks to create a solid base and ask them to create a sale to lash it to the raft. challenge them to sail the raft across the paddling pool using a fan. See which patrol can create the fastest raft. The size of the treat can be increased with the size of the raft.


  • Knot Tying (food)

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