Endangered Animals

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Create an endangered animal zoo wall display


Large World map ( we used a 3ft x 2ft laminated one)
Animal info cards - files below ( I laminated these so that they can be used again)
Large sheets of paper - flip chart paper - one for each group/lodge
coloured sticky dots


Split into lodges or even sized groups. One leader with each group
Animal info cards will be laid out on tables.
Beavers to each collect 2 animal cards from different endangered groups (vulnerable, endangered, critically endangered) . Try to encourage them to get a good mix of animals e.g. birds, mammals, marine creatures etc. Their are 3 Scottish animals so each lodge/group should pick one of those in addition to their own 2.
Return to group and learn their animal facts. (location/ why they are endangered). Talk about them was a group.
Use sheets of flipchart paper for each lodge/group to stick on their animals to create their endangered animal zoo
Locate the country the animal is found in on the world map and place a coloured dot on the map (different colours for each endangered group)
Once it is all done put the map & posters on the wall and get each of the lodges/groups to share their endangered animal zoo with the whole colony.



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