Ballista building

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Activity to put the kids pioneering techniques to the test on small scale.


- Bamboo canes or broom handles (6 per patrol plus extra for a target as simple or as complicated as you wish)
- sisal or gump for the lashings
- elastic bands or shock cord for the firing action
- disposable cups for the firing cupola (1 per patrol)
- and something to fire ping pong balls etc


Getting started:
the group will need to be broken down into teams or patrols and allocated their equipment, they will then have a set amount of time to assemble the ballista (design attached), we allowed them 20 minutes. you could give the 1 team the task of assembling a target or you could give the task to some willing young leaders or some bored adults either way you will need to produce something for the scouts to shoot at.

time to fire:
at the end of the 20 minutes get all your teams lined up 10 feet away from the target a let loose, you can make the shooting competition as complicated or simple as you wish, gauge it on how well the ballistas are made.


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