Beaver Teamwork

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Helping Beavers to understand the importance of working together as a team


Team Game - lots of balls or crumpled paper, a rope to show where one team stops and the other team starts (optional) , stopwatch, whistle
Log Chew - flip chart, pens, small pieces of paper with one word written on each, blu tak
Team Activity - Team instructions (attached), pens, paper, blindfolds for 2 of the teams, stopwatch
Team Challenge - Challenge pictures (attached), Team Challenge sheet (1 per team), pens.


Two teams (facing each other), lots of balls/crumpled paper
Pick 2 people (1 to lead each team) and tell them what the objective of the game is - to have the LEAST number of balls on their side when the whilst blows.
After c.1 minute, blow the whistle & count the balls. Announce the result and ask the 2 teams who they think the winner is. Ask the rest of the Beavers what the objective of the game was - see how many of them knew, then see if the leaders told them !

LOG CHEW: Beavers sitting in a circle.
Talk about teams (write down on a flip chart as Beavers give ideas)
Questions to ask...
- what teams can you think of? (they will probably just mention sports teams)
- think about what is a team? (more than just sports/competition...a group of people doing something together)
- what makes a good team? (more than just winning...understanding, sharing, working together)
- how does everyone on a team know what to do? (do they all just do what they want? .......think, plan, rules, roles etc...there is leader, there is organisation) Think about the snowball game.
- is everyone on a team, good at exactly the same thing? (do they all do the same thing? on a football team, do they ALL try and kick the ball into the net? some do, what about the rest? defence? what might the differences be?)
- if you're on a team what do you need to do? Let's think about what skills are needed to make really good teams

Let's think of some words which are really important when we are working in a team
e.g. listen, stop, instructions, help, together, think, kind, ideas etc
Ask the Beavers for a sentence using one of the words to show good team work and as they give the sentence, ask them to stick the word on the wall

TEAM ACTIVITY: To have each Beaver draw a simple house and for all the drawings to look EXACTLY the same...but they only know what this challenge is about based on the instructions they receive from their Beaver team leader
(i.e. each team is given differing levels of information, help etc about the team task)
Divide Beavers into 4 groups and appoint one Beaver to be the leader of each team
- have each Beaver team as far away from each other as possible
- give each team leader only one set of instructions (so each team has different instructions), plus paper and pens for their team.
- the Beaver team leader goes back to their team, gives each Beaver paper and pen and when the game begins, reads their instructions (time allowed - one minute exactly)
Please note:
Adult help may be needed with blindfolds, but they should not give clues as to what the activity is in the team.
It may be helpful to Adults close by for teams 3 and 4
Beaver team leaders should only know what they are doing on their team and not what the other teams are doing

- after 1 minute ask all the Beavers to come into the circle together (regardless whether they have finished their task or not) and sit with their groups.
- ask Team Leader 1 to read their instructions and the Team 1 Beavers to show what they have drawn
- ask Team 2 to do the same, then Team 3 and then Team 4.
Ask the Beavers on the different teams how they felt?
- was drawing the house easy? (put hands up)
...ask those who thought "yes" and those who thought "no"...why? link back to the words on the wall

In the same teams....
TEAM CHALLENGE: What do the letters spell?
The 14 pictures should be spread around the hut before the Beavers arrive.
(K)angaroo, (I)gloo, (N)ine, (D)uck, (A)pple, (N)ose, (D)og, (H)orse, (E)lephant, (L)ion, (P)arrot, (F)ire, (U)mbrella, (L)ightbulb

This is a team game and Beavers need to work together in their teams.
Remind the Beavers about a football team...all the players have different jobs (they don't all try and kick the ball into the goal), but they work together. Team leaders think about how you want to organise your teams and what you want them to do.
Each team is given a copy of the attached sheet and as a team they are asked to find the 14 hidden pictures around the hut and write down all the first letter of the item in each picture, leaving the picture where they find it (!). When they have all 14 letters, work as a team to re-arrange the letters and form an important part of the Beaver promise, which is also good for teamwork too. The winning team will be the first team to sit in a circle, with their completed sheet.
Which team was the quickest?
How did they organise themselves?
What did the other teams do?

Go back to the words on the wall and ask the Beavers for some more sentences using one of these words

- Beavers who are the Leaders need to be credited for their leadership role
- Drawing a house is completing a challenge together


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