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The Beaver Scout Promise Ceremony
A Promise ceremony can be used at any time in the life of the Colony, but should be used at the investiture of new Members. New Beaver Scouts make their Promise soon after they join the Colony and have completed the requirements of the Beaver Scout Membership Badge. The Colony and its leaders stand in a circle. The Beaver Scout Leader stands next to the new Members and explains that they are going to become Beaver Scouts today. Everyone makes the Scout sign and says the Beaver Scout Promise together. Beaver Scouts should not be required to say the Promise alone in front of the Colony - but can be asked beforehand if they would like to. Colonies may choose to have their Beaver Scout flag at the ceremony. Then the Beaver Scout Leader welcomes the new Beaver Scout(s) into the Colony and the worldwide Family of Scouts. The new Beaver Scout(s) receive their World Membership Badge, County/Area/Region and District badges, Group scarf, woggle and the Group name tape. If a welcoming handshake is offered, the Scout left handshake should be used. Colonies should consider inviting parents/carers to the investiture of their child as a Beaver Scout. FS#155047


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