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A two-player team game where the aim is to make your opponent lose their balance


Some Cubs (or Beavers).

Err, that's it!


Split the Pack (or Colony) into two teams and number off each team so that similar-sized children will be against each other.

Get each team to sit along the side of the meeting place.

When you call out a number, the two Cubs come to the centre of the room, stand on one leg and fold their arms. Say go or blow a whistle and then the Cubs need to bump their opponent until they lose their balance.

A player wins (and his team gets a point) if his opponent puts down his raised leg, falls over or unfolds his arms. The team with the most points, once everyone has had a go, wins.

Varation: Draw a circle on the floor. Cubs must stay in the circle and will lose if they step outside (on top of the ways outlined above)


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