Easter Egg Hunt

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Brownies use a simple map to find Easter Egg tokens whilst staying in touch with the Hall via a two-way radio.


Simply drawn map of local area; Easter Egg Tokens; Easter Eggs; Two-way radios.


Brownies are separated into Sixes, with a YL or Leader with them, and given a two-way radio to send regular reports of their position (Communications Badge). They then use a simply drawn map of the local area (Out and About Badge) to find out where Easter Egg Tokens are located. Each Six will be given a token in a different colour, and will have their Six logo on the back of it. Once they find all of their tokens they then return to the Hall to exchange them for Easter Eggs. The activity should take around 20-30 mins, and another Activity will be set up in the Hall for those Brownies returning early.


  • communication badge
  • Easter Egg Hunt
  • map reading
  • out and about badge
  • road safety

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