Alphabet Supermarket Shopping

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Split scouts into patrols and give them a certain amount of money. They have to visit a local supermarket and buy something beginning with every letter of the alphabet within budget.


Money, pen, paper


Give each patrol a set amount of money (e.g. £6) and send them into a local supermarket.

The challenge is to get an item from every letter of the alphabet.

(Alphabet soup does not count)

It would only count if the first letter is in the name on the the receipt

A item can not count as more then one letter.

The scouts were given 1 and a half hours (adapt to suit) to get the job done and had a pen and paper to write down the letters and cost.


Most headed to the nut (pick your own section) where some picked almonds for A but then when the at register realised they came in as roasted almonds so it counted as a R

We gave extra points if they scanned them in order ( as leaders we got to have some fun) and told them to use the self serve

We banned them from the deil, as we didn't want the poor staff being hit with for a slice of ham 4 times.

Results were some letters are harder then others, all patrols missed at lest two letters


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