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Follow the instructions to draw a map using map symbols wherever possible.


Paper, pens, instructions.


Use an A4 sheet of paper, landscape.
Complete all Instructions below.
Use Ordnance Survey symbols only - 1:50,000.
Try not to use straight lines for roads.

- Draw on the sheet an ISLAND to fill most of the page (an example above).
- Put a COMPASS ROSE in a corner of the map as above.
- In the centre of the island draw a LAKE.
- From the lake draw a RIVER running south to the sea.
- Where it meets the sea draw a CHURCH with a TOWER on the east bank.
- On the far east of the island draw MIXED WOOD.
- South of the wood draw a WINDMILL.
- At the northeast point of the island draw a LIGHTHOUSE.
- Next to the lighthouse draw a HELIPORT.
- From the lighthouse draw an 'A' ROAD to finish at the church.
- At the west side of the island draw a CHURCH WITH NO TOWER next to a PUBLIC HOUSE.
- From that church draw a PUBLIC FOOTPATH to the lighthouse, along the coast.
- From the pub draw a 'B' ROAD to the church with the tower, crossing the river by a BRIDGE.
- Connect the windmill to the 'A' road with 'B' ROAD.
- On the southwest side draw a QUARRY.
- Connect the quarry to the lighthouse with a RAILWAY with STATIONS.
- Run the RAILWAY from the quarry to the public house.
- On the west side, slightly inland, draw a CAMPSITE.
- From the lighthouse draw a BRIDLEPATH to the campsite via the lake.
- By the church with a tower put in some HOUSES, a SCHOOL and a POST OFFICE.
- Along the A road put in a TELEPHONE BOX.
- Near the lighthouse put in a VIEWPOINT.
- Draw a GOLF COURSE between the campsite and the lighthouse.


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