Mental Health Terminology

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Designed to encourage discussion around appropriate use of language relating to mental health


3-4sets of Cards with the following on

Mentally Challenged
Experiencing a Mental Health Problem
Suffering With Their Nerves
Having a Breakdown
Going Mad
Looking For Attention
A Bit Weird


Divide your section into 3-4 groups and give each group a set of cards to sort. Each card has a term or word on it used to describe someone with a mental health problem. the YP need to sort the cards along a range from acceptable words or terms, to those that are unacceptable words or terms.

Walk around the groups as they are working and look at how they are sorting the cards, some of these phrases may be unacceptable in any context, others perfectly fine. It is also worth discussing the difference between how someone might describe themselves or as part of a community, as opposed to how someone else would describe them.


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