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A selection of activities; each incorporating a kiwi icon.


Jandals x 1 pair per Six, mini rugby ball x 1 per Six, Kiwifruit and peeler x 1 per Cub, Gumboots x 1 pair per Six, Darts (see attached)


Jandal Toss:
Using an old pair of jandals, get the Cubs to throw them like a boomerang. See who can throw
them the furthest.

Rugby Ball Put:
Use a mini rugby ball as the shot put and see who can put it the furthest. You can try a full
size ball if you like.

Kiwi Fruit Peel:
Give each cub a kiwifruit and a peeler. The object is to see who can peel the kiwifruit,
producing the longest continuous length of peel.

Gumboot Relay:
In sixes Cubs race in a relay, using one pair of gumboots, the boots must be swapped at the
chance over point. You can use a baton as well if you like

Buzy Bee Flight:
Photocopy the dart so you have one for each cub. Get them to fold up the dart and fly it
through a hole in the side of a box, or similar object. Try moving the box further away after
each attempt.


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